Build your free laptop stand

Build from a pizza box

Laptop stand from a pizza box

Pizza box, ruler and scissors
⏱️ 10 min

Build from plywood

Plywood and CNC machine
⏱️ 30 min

Many people started to work from home because of the coronavirus.

Seeing people sharing pictures of their home workstations on social media makes me worried that in a few months we might not have enough physiotherapists to fix our backs.

Having a laptop stand can significantly save your back and that's why I decided to create this simple website with instruction on how to make your own laptop stand.

Build a laptop stand from a pizza box 🍕

This is probably the cheapest and easiest way to build a laptop stand. You don't need any special equipment and it takes only 10-15 minutes to build.

1. Use the template below to draw the lines 📐

Do you have a chance to get an unused pizza box? Go for it!
If not, don't worry. Stains make your laptop design unique 😀

2. Carefully cut the lines with scissors ✂️

Fold the endings as you see on the picture below.

3. Cut the supporting base ⚖️

This part is a bit tricky but I'm sure you can figure it out by trial and error.

Build a laptop stand from plywood 🪓

You don't need an axe!
It's actually very easy to make, you just need to find a place with a CNC machine.

1. Download vector files ⬇️

There are .pdf, .eps, .ai files - whatever works for you.

2. Find the nearest fablab 🔍

To cut your laptop stand you need a CNC machine. You probably don't have one at home, right? But you can find one in the nearest Fablab. Search for one and ask there.

3. Adjust the design 🎨

This design works perfectly for 13-15" laptops. You can play with the thickness of the plywood. I like the raw colour of the plywood but you can paint it before cutting and give it a twist!

Good luck✌️

Have you already built your own laptop stand using this website?
Please send me a picture, I'm curious!
I'm @faborio on Twitter.

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